Here is the blog of the oil mill San Carlo!

  • Post last modified:01/05/2022
  • Reading time:3 mins read

And with this first article the oil mill San Carlo‘s blog makes its debut!

From the moment we made our first appearance online, we felt the need to have a dedicated space, something like a diary, in which to tell you about us, the Company, its activities… 

The truth is that we want to bring you closer to our work by sharing with you our experiences as well as main challenges… 

In this way, we want you to feel part of our project. As you may know, every project looks to the future, but to succeed it must consider the present. This means to have the capability to identify changes that occur every day, by keeping in mind opinions and thoughts that may differ from our ones.

And since there is no company existing without the people to whom it works for, the oil mill San Carlo invites you to take a place in its story…

Feeling your presence, reinforces our own awareness and the confidence in our means, as well as pushes us to look always forward. 

In this regard, we definitely take care of our social network profiles by paying attention to every detail, by keeping them always up to date and by proactively using them to share with you information and news. Indeed, those are for us very valuable tools that allow to open the doors of our Company and let you be overwhelmed by our passion, that is the fuel powering the family business for more than 40 years.

Together we will share anecdotes about our family history, we will tell you the highlights of our journey, we will give you information on the peculiarities of our oil, on the production process and on the oil preservation, we will inform you on our company participation to events or we will describe the main characteristics of our olive groves. Moreover, we will share some recipes that will make your mouth water, as often happens with the Mediterranean diet dishes, in which extra virgin olive oil is the main protagonist. We will tell you more about the beautiful land of Calabria, and its ancient knowledge… And much, much more.

So, stay in touch with us, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, read the articles in our blog…

And trust us, we won’t bore you but we’ll spend nice and interesting time together.

See you soon with a new post!