New olive oil campaign: hard work, a lot of passion and new dreams!

  • Post last modified:30/10/2022
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And so few weeks ago we started the new olive oil campaign! Grateful and motivated by the acknowledgements received by our customers in the previous year, and with a great desire to improve even more our product, the family of Oil Mill San Carlo is here ready to face the most challenging period of the year! From the olive harvest to the milling and storage, each step is full of sacrifices but also of great emotions. The transformation process from olives to extra virgin oil has always been a combination of work and magic for us, a magic of colors and scents that our land gives us and that our hands allow us to transfer into a product that will reach your tables.

The new oil campaign is preceded by months characterized by continuous emotions, in fact, the greatest expectations and hopes for the new production have been concentrated in recent months. We carefully follow all the evolution phases of our olive groves: from the flowering of the olive trees to the inolition of the olives up to their veraison and ripening. And it is fair to remember that we take care of our olive trees meticulously throughout the year but Mother Nature and its events (sun, wind, rain, temperatures, humidity) play a key role in the world of agriculture. And so, we rely on Her, who this year gave us a good quality olive oil campaign!

The Oil Mill San Carlo studies and respects the timing of our olive groves in order to select the ideal period for the olive harvest. We are increasingly aware that, to obtain a high-quality oil, the olive harvest is as important as the care of the olive trees and the processing phases in the oil mill. Harvesting the olives at the right time is the only way to obtain a balanced product, with a fragrant aroma and which can be stored for a long time. To understand which is the perfect moment to harvest, it is necessary to carefully evaluate a number of factors; among the others the main ones are the variety of the olive, the olive oil destination to the market and the climatic conditions. And this year the optimal period for harvesting began, for the Oil Mill San Carlo, at the beginning of October.

We wake up very early in the morning and we start the harvesting operations together with our workers, which sees Carlo and Antonio Cimino at the forefront in the harvesting operations. Hours of hard work that are paid off by the brilliant colors of thousands of olives on the harvesting nets.

The olives are then placed inside perforated plastic boxes, trying to press them as less as possible, and there they will be stored for a time that can reach a maximum of 5 hours before being transported to the oil mill. And all the processing steps begin in the mill: from washing to milling up to oil extraction and storage.

All processes must be strictly followed and controlled, but among them all, what we love most is the final oil extraction, which gives the beautiful image of a clear and brilliant olive oil and the pleasant smell of fruity aromas.

The Oil Mill San Carlo wants you to smell the same scent when you open our bottles on your tables. That’s why we are committed to store and bottle the extra virgin olive oil by avoiding any kind of contact with oxygen, light and heat sources.

And now it is up to you to tell us if we have succeeded to transfer also to you our dream!

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